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Recommended Skating/Hockey Resources


Here are some extra materials or links that I think you'll find both useful and interesting as you work to improving your skating and overall game.









Home Training Exercises


This is a set of simple home exercises that require no specialized equipment.  I had these put together to specifically compliment the basic style and principles of skating that I teach.  I highly encourage all my skaters to do these exercises as well as the many other exercises available that will help your skating. I'm always adding new items here, check my resource link to see all that I have available.

Hustle Hockey


Hustle Hockey is a private member skill development program designed for rapid improvement, specializing in shooting, puck possession and passing.The program brings a unique approach to skill development based on achieving individual skill development benchmarks.

Great Coach to Follow on Youtube and Twitter


For anyone that enjoys the technical nature of my instruction, you will really enjoy following Daryll Belfry.  His instruction and approach to individual skill development is second to none that I have found on the web. Check him out you will not be disappointed, his YouTube channel is here, his Twitter feed is here.

Skate Sharpening


Nobody does it better in Barrie than the SkateZone. Take control of your skate "setup" by getting SkateZone to optimize the skate based on your skill level, weight, height, and position. These factors all affect skating style, speed, stops, starts, jumps, landings and stick handling, make sure you're on the right setup.

Great Blog Post For Minor Hockey Parents


I discovered this blog post and then subsequently the entire site of this retired professional hockey player.  I find him to have great "big picture" persective on the game as well as some good technical tips too.  Great to check out his site every so often.