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Private Instruction Sessions

The most effective way to improve your skating.
Private Ice


A controlled environment with no distractions is one of the key factors needed to break through old habits and build a solid foundation of skating habits that will then be applied to practice and game situations. 

Video Feedback


Once a skater can put together the difference between how something feels versus how it actually looks great progress can be made. 


All videos done on sessions are then emailed to the skater for home viewing and study to help bridge the gap between sessions and keep the skater thinking about the previous sessions work. See some examples here.

Personal Attention


With a private session all the work and instruction is customized for the skaters own unique needs. 


Building good habits with careful skill and drill progressions allows the player not only to improve but maintain the improvement by ensuring the repetitions are done correctly.


Lucas has been training with Paul for the past couple of years and has commented on how the sessions have not only helped him get faster but the training and coaching that Paul provides has helped him break down his stride with the help of video review. Paul really cares about his students and even takes time out of his busy schedule to watch Lucas in game situations to make sure he is practicing what he has learned. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to improve their speed and skill.

Pauline Chiodo